An Efficient Course that "Connects All the Dots" Between Fine Art and 2-D Design

This course is for anyone who wants a thorough instruction or refresher of the fundamental elements that contribute to good design. This course will help you to see how you can put them to use yourself to create strong works of art.


A Skilled and Supportive Instructor

Caroline is both a skilled and supportive instructor...Audrey and I both credit Caroline's early support and guidance with Audrey's success in the art world ... When asked to write a freshman essay about an artist that inspired her, Audrey chose not Banksy or Picasso, but Caroline. She has helped my daughter accomplish her dreams, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Larrynn C., student parent
Idyllwild, CA

Caroline Italia Carlson
The Heart of a Teacher

Caroline is not only addicted to learning, she's addicted to sharing her knowledge to help others achieve their goals. Join her to learn how you can set yourself up for success.

Caroline Italia Carlson teaching an in-person workshop in Michigan
Comprehensive Instruction

Caroline is passionate about helping her students understand and remember key concepts that build on one another. Her style is clear and logical, mixed with humor and encouragement.

Passionate Painter Podcast Host Caroline Italia Carlson
Pure Joy

If you've listened to her podcast, you know your instructor loves to laugh. She prides herself on her "no fear" teaching approach, and is always supportive and encouraging. Her goal is to always make learning fun.

If you are an artist of any skill level who fits any of the following descriptions, I made this course for you!

  • Are self-taught
  • Took 2-D design a long time ago and forgotten how to apply it to their art
  • Simply want to feel confident when designing their paintings, drawings, and mixed media.

Module 1: The Confidence module

You Get ALL the Details

I took a 2-D design course in school, but it was geared toward graphic design. When I think about it, my fine art studio classes never really connected the design fundamentals to painting. They may have mentioned it in passing, but the topic was treated as a graphic design subject. I really don’t know why.

So I decided to make one. Initially part of the complete Portrait Code masterclass, I’ve had requests to also make this and many of the other modules available as stand alone spotlight courses. So, here you go.


Her Talents Are Remarkable

I have the great fortune to know one of the people whose portrait Caroline painted. The painting captures her skin tones, hair color, and her facial features amazingly.  Even if I didn’t know her I truly feel I would recognize her in the street should I pass her, it is that good. Caroline did an exceptional job. Her talents are remarkable."

Catherine H.
Amherst, WI

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Affordable Instruction

This course is pulled from The Portrait Code masterclass for students who only need these modules.


Knowledgeable and Helpful

I took Caroline's class because I wanted to learn to paint my paintings instead of trying to "draw" my paintings.

She helped me become more confident about shading and mixing colors when I paint. Her class was just what I was looking for.

J. Strom

Before long, you'll be seeing these fundamentals in every artwork you look at and even in the world around you!

We'll look at: 

  • Line
  • Value
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • Emphasis
  • Hierarchy

You'll come to understand how they interweave within successful artwork, using examples throughout art history.

Every frame of these lessons was designed to give you clarity on how to apply the fundamentals of design and composition in your own work.

Strengthen your own work today with this efficient yet thorough course!