Understand How to Use Perspective Like a Boss in Your Paintings

This stand-alone spotlight course is for anyone who wants to gain a thorough understanding of or a refresher in perspective. 

I studied perspective when taking 2-D design courses in school, but they were geared toward graphic design and illustration. I can’t think of a time my studio instructors actually connected understanding perspective to making a great painting. 

To save you from this frustration, I’ve pulled together the best gems of information I found when I myself was looking for a great efficient course on perspective and had to get it from all different sources; usually classic but dry books written decades ago. 

So, I explain the concepts in my own way, covering atmospheric perspective and indoor perspective in addition to the skyscraper perspective lessons we’re all used to. It’s efficient, it’s not boring, and it’s made for artists.

Initially part of the complete Portrait Code masterclass, I’ve had requests to also make this and many of the other modules available as stand-alone spotlight courses. So, here you go.

I made this course because I couldn’t find it in one quick and entertaining course. I made this course for you.

This course is closed for enrollment.


A Skilled and Supportive Instructor

Caroline is both a skilled and supportive instructor...Audrey and I both credit Caroline's early support and guidance with Audrey's success in the art world ... When asked to write a freshman essay about an artist that inspired her, Audrey chose not Banksy or Picasso, but Caroline. She has helped my daughter accomplish her dreams, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Larrynn C., student parent
Idyllwild, CA

Caroline Italia Carlson
The Heart of a Teacher

Caroline is not only addicted to learning, she's addicted to sharing her knowledge to help others achieve their goals. Join her to learn how you can set yourself up for success.

Caroline Italia Carlson teaching an in-person workshop in Michigan
Comprehensive Instruction

Caroline is passionate about helping her students understand and remember key concepts that build on one another. Her style is clear and logical, mixed with humor and encouragement.

Passionate Painter Podcast Host Caroline Italia Carlson
Pure Joy

If you've listened to her podcast, you know your instructor loves to laugh. She prides herself on her "no fear" teaching approach, and is always supportive and encouraging. Her goal is to always make learning fun.


Super Informative!

I took Caroline's class because I wanted to learn more about oils, brushes, mixing, colors, and drawing the face and hair.

I struggle in all areas, but now that I've taken the class, I'm more confident mixing facial colors and handling the brush. I would take a class with this instructor again.

J. Miron



Her Talents Are Remarkable

I have the great fortune to know one of the people whose portrait Caroline painted. The painting captures her skin tones, hair color, and her facial features amazingly.  Even if I didn’t know her I truly feel I would recognize her in the street should I pass her, it is that good. Caroline did an exceptional job. Her talents are remarkable."

Catherine H.
Amherst, WI

This course is closed for enrollment.

You Get ALL the Details

A one-of-a-kind perspective course will demystify what you need to know about perspective as an artist. Incorporating a solid understanding of perspective in your artwork is a necessary skill for all painters of realism.

  • Learn how to always know where your horizon line is, whether you can see the horizon or not.
  • Apply one and two-point perspective outdoors, in landscapes with people.
  • Understand how to apply perspective in indoor settings, where the majority of portrait paintings are set

Step beyond fear and uncertainty about perspective as an artist by applying the teachings in this course to your own work.

Lifetime Access

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Affordable Instruction

This course is pulled from The Portrait Code masterclass for students who only need these lessons.


Knowledgeable and Helpful

I took Caroline's class because I wanted to learn to paint my paintings instead of trying to "draw" my paintings.

She helped me become more confident about shading and mixing colors when I paint. Her class was just what I was looking for.

J. Strom

This course is closed for enrollment.


If you are thinking about having a portrait painted of someone special, then Caroline is your artist

Caroline possesses the keen artist eye who can capture an image and have it magically appear on the canvas.

Although we never met in person, collaboration was easily accomplished through calls and emails, as Caroline accepted my suggestions and made adjustments until I was pleased with the finished work.

All of this happened in just a matter of a few weeks, from the original request until the portrait was delivered to my home. She has portrayed a particular moment in time that holds important meaning for me, and I can now share it with all who enter my home.

If you are thinking about having a portrait painted of someone special, then Caroline is your artist.

FBI John (John Iannarelli)